Discordia: Guardians of the Domain, is a free online tactical video game set in an epic fantasy world that aims to innovate within its genre. We plan to do this by combining the nostalgia and depth of classic tactical games, with a competitive online game mode that integrates the mechanics and story of the game in a natural and intuitive way.

In Discordia, you embody the will of one of the three Pillars of creation, each one with its own unique Guardians and Units. You will use these elements to build up your army and face players from other Pillars in the pursuit towards the conquest of the Dominions of Itria, and thus achieving the victory of your Pillar.

The universe of Discordia is divided in three factions known as the three Pillars. Each Pillar represents a different way of relating to the world and understanding it. All players must choose their ruling Pillar at the beginning of the game, which will guide them from then onwards.


Primal Pillar

The Pillar of Life The force of nature capable of building a world, lifting a mountain and digging oceans. The players will have power over beasts, arboreal beings, Elementals, savage tribes and all creatures of nature.


Empyreal Pillar

The Pillar of Will The spark containing good and evil; order and chaos. The players will have power over gods, angels, demons, champions and all creatures of the intangible levels.


Arcane Pillar

The Pillar of ProgressThe continuous pursuit of the mastery over science, the power of magic and the strength of war. The player will have power over war machines, powerful warlocks and legions of soldiers at the service of civilization.