The universe of Discordia was created from the three Pillars that fight for control over the Essence — the energy of creation that answers to the Pillar’s will and desires.

The Pillars intervene in the worlds through the chosen creatures that represent them. These creatures will devote themselves to fight for their Pillar’s supremacy. These representatives, called Guardians, are the only ones able to see and control de Essence, as well as to transform it into energy of creation for their Pillar.


The first season of Discordia “The Last Lunadae” is set in the region of Itria right after the appearance of a magical creature that was thought to be extinct: A Lunadae

“Itria has been more than 420 years without the presence of Lunadaes. These ancient beasts, of unknown origin, used to maintain the balance within their world and the effects of their absence have been evident. Volcanoes, earthquakes and typhoons have turned this region into a devastated and almost ruined land since the three Pillars gave up hope of controlling Itria and left it to its fate. It is for this reason that on the second night of the year, in one of the poorest harvest ever seen in Itria, the sky breaks into a thousand luminescent pieces, giving a glimpse of the body of a beast that was once thought forgotten: A Lunadae of bright colors and overflowing with Essence, brings new hope to this doomed land. The Guardians will awake once again to obtain this power and, thus, fulfill the purposes of their Pillar.”